Crystal jewellery commissions  

Many ask if they can commission a piece of crystal jewellery and often wonder how much it costs and how long it takes. The costs and timings of commissioning depends very much on what you're having made, and also on how you choose to commission your piece. There are three ways in which to go about commissioning jewellery:

  • A compiled design: This involves taking certain styles of elements from an existing piece of jewellery, and using these to 'compile' a new design. This is not too much more expensive than purchasing an existing piece from our collection, as you are using elements that already exist, and it is just a case of adapting them to another use. As a general rule, a 'compiled design' takes about one month to complete.
  • A copied design: Copying an existing piece of jewellery is the second way in which to commission. You might do this for insurance purposes, where the original is too valuable to travel with and an exact copy is required. Or perhaps your family has decided to part with a valuable heirloom, but want to create a copy of it in order to retain memories of the piece. A copy is more expensive to create than a 'compiled' design as it must be created from scratch. Detailed photographs and measurements need to be taken and, in some cases, specific stones need to be cut to match the originals. As a general rule, copies take about two months to complete.
  • An original design: The third way to commission jewellery is to work with Andrew to design a piece entirely from scratch, as you might do if you were to commission a diamond set item. This is the most expensive way to commission jewellery, as not only must the piece be created from the 'ground up', but the time required to work with Andrew on various design ideas and modifications needs to be built in. As a general rule, original designs take about three months to complete.

However you wish to commission a piece of jewellery, you can be sure it will result in something beautiful that is worry free and uniquely yours. To enquire about commissioning a piece of crystal jewellery, be it a tiara, earrings, necklace, bracelet, brooch or ring, click here to contact us.