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“Jewellery should always enhance the wearer, and so become part of them. With this in mind, I do all I can to match the piece to the person.”

Andrew Prince creates some of the finest crystal jewellery in the world - from spectacular wedding tiaras, combs and bands, to elegant crystal earrings and bracelets. The time and expertise that go into creating his collection is evident in the superb quality stones, superior metals, elegant design and fine craftsmanship of every piece. Over the years, Andrew has built up a loyal clientele ranging from stars of stage and screen, royalty, couture houses and venerable institutions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum.


On this website, you can purchase items online from the current collection of crystal jewellery. You can also learn more the man behind the creations, find out about Andrew's jewellery inspirations and design ethos, see how his jewellery has adorned the pages of the world's top fashion magazines, as well as films and TV series, and read letters from past clients in our 'Post Box'. For those of you with a 'big day' looming, you can read up on Andrew's useful tips, get answers to questions, and find out how to commission your own beautiful crystal jewellery.



Andrew Prince’s crystal jewellery expertise extends beyond bridal pieces such as wedding tiaras, combs and bands, to crystal necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, special commissions and mens cufflinks. Understanding line and form to military precision, Prince is able to advise clients on suitable designs and work with them to create unique designs of fine crystal jewellery that would be unattainable and impractical if crafted in diamonds.


Raised on the mantra “You never regret an extravagance, you always regret something you didn’t buy,” Andrew Prince grew up with a love of fine jewellery. Before long, however, he realised that while exquisite jewellery should look precious, you shouldn’t have to be precious about it. Prince was frustrated by ubiquitous lifeless costume jewellery, which was frequently over-priced and poorly designed, and began to create his own fine crystal jewellery collections. Andrew Prince pieces are now often mistaken for 'the real thing', due to the outstanding craftsmanship and elegant design aesthetic he has honed over more than twenty years in the jewellery industry. In his showroom at Richard Ogden Ltd, bridal customers are invited to bring along their gown and accessories and work with him to establish which pieces will best complement their wedding day style.


Having designed for countless brides, and even members of international Royal families, Andrew is at ease with stressful, style conundrums and is accomplished at solving a bridal crisis. Prince’s success, however, has not been driven by any obsession to dominate the jewellery business. “I don’t even sign my pieces – it’s not about me, I don’t have that ego. It’s all about creating something special that someone can put on, feel wonderful, and forget it’s there,” he explains. “I don’t want people to say, ‘it’s an Andrew Prince, better lock it up in a safe’, I want my pieces to be out there - creating memories.”